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We have the right answer
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How to use edelsnus


Position the nicotine pouch comfortably and almost invisibly on the side under your upper or lower lip.


You feel a slight tingling sensation. This means that the nicotine is starting to work and the unique nicotine kick is setting in.


Our unique nicotine blend combined with the natural flavours creates a fresh nicotine experience that lasts up to half an hour.


Show responsibility and dispose of the used pouches in the waste or in the practical compartment in the can lid.
Is this snus?
Yes and no, but one step better. Traditional snus contains tobacco, whereas our All White Snus are completely tobacco-free. The only difference is that they are used in the same way as traditional snus, placed under the lip.
What is edelsnus?
edelsnus is a tobacco substitute product based on plant fibres and contains high-quality nicotine and natural flavours in addition to food-safe ingredients such as water, salt and binders. Our Nicotine Pouches are completely free of tobacco, smoke and vapour. So you can enjoy them whenever and wherever you want.
How many pouches are in one can?
20 Slim or Mini Pouches
Can I chew the pouches?
The nicotine in edelsnus products is absorbed through the gums. You don’t have to suck or chew the pouches. Simply place the Nicotine Pouches under your lip.
Where is edelsnus manufactured?
All edelsnus Nicotine Pouches are made in Switzerland. From the basic mass to the finished pouch, 100% Swiss Made.
Who is edelsnus intended for?
edelsnus contains nicotine and is intended for adult smokers or vapers and nicotine users aged 18 and over.
Is snus less harmful than smoking?
Since an overwhelming proportion of the health damage associated with tobacco use is directly related to the combustion of tobacco, snus is scientifically proven to be up to 99% less harmful than smoking because no combustion occurs when snus is consumed. The only scientifically proven damage caused by snus is to the oral mucosa, but this is temporary due to the rapid cell renewal in the mouth and regenerates when consumption is stopped.
How do I judge the strength of a snus variety?
With snus, “strength” generally refers to the nicotine kick, which, contrary to the widespread misconception, does not only depend on the nicotine content. Besides the nicotine content, other factors play a role: pH-value (the higher the stronger), humidity (the higher the stronger), type and composition of the pouch (the bigger the stronger), etc.
How can I tell the strength of my snus?
We at edelsnus keep a clear line to recognise the nicotine strength at a glance in every case. 1 dot on the tin stands for 5mg of nicotine per gram. So the edel COLD with 4 dots has 20mg/g.
Where can I buy edelsnus?
You can find edelsnus at all KKiosk’s in Switzerland, at AVEC and online on our site or at and at for orders from Europe.
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This product contains nicotine: a substance that is highly addictive.

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